Proclaimers and Audio Bibles for Pastors in Ethiopia

There are approximately 50 pastors in a remote section of Ethiopia who have a deep passion for the Lord and compassion for people. We are partnering with Faith Comes by Hearing to provide a Proclaimer for each pastor/church. These devices will be preloaded with the Bible, recorded in their language, in order for the pastors to be able to learn. The Proclaimers can then be used to share God's word with up to 200 people at a time. There is little access to electricity to charge these devices, but that is not a problem. The Proclaimers are equipped with solar panels and hand cranks to make them useful no matter the context. There are two models; we will be getting some of each, for $47 and $65 respectively. Sponsor a Proclaimer to reach Ethiopia for Jesus!