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Seven Soils exists to Provide Pathways for Believers to advance the Gospel of Jesus to the places it has not yet reached.


2.9 Billion

It's one of those numbers that is too large to fathom. It's the kind of number people describe by how many feet deep 2.9 billion pennies would be, or how long it would take to count to 2.9 billion, or how many time you could circle the earth with 2.9 billion balls of yarn. It's just too large to grasp, but it is the reality:

2.9 Billion people have no access to the Gospel of Jesus.

However, the world is never without Hope! 1000's of Believers are ready to take the Gospel to those people.

They need training and resources

Join the movement

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What We Do



Here's what you need to know first: There is a great movement of the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the nations. The most common name for this movement is Mobilization. Most simply put, the worldwide church is becoming a missionary force. Thousands of Christians in countries around the world have answered the call to spread the Gospel to their country and others. 

Therefore, Seven Soils exists to provide support and resources to this movement. Although this provision is broad and dynamic there are three main areas Seven Soils emphasizes:

  • Train- Equip believers everywhere to become missionaries around the world
  • Connect- Connect the Western church to the Global church
  • Resource- Provide the resources to fulfill the Great Commission

Seven Soils is creating an ever-expanding network of grassroots, Gospel-centered activities penetrating the places where the Gospel of Jesus has not reached. 

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Many of the Seven Soils' projects are underway in areas of the world where the information cannot be made public. If you would like more information about the other projects of Seven Soils contact us directly. 



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