Paths to Progress

It has honestly been a struggle to discern how to get as many people as possible (people we know and love) to be involved in mobilization. Our motivation has been strong because we believe that God is raising up a massive mission force around the world, so why would we not want everybody we know to be involved? We know that people's minds are inundated with opportunities to give: help hungry people, fulfill someone's lifelong dream, provide for a student to go on a mission trip, a billion GoFundMe projects, etc. So what to do?

Here's what we have come up with:

1. We are establishing a team of partners who see the need and vision for meeting the need of training, connecting, and resourcing the global church to fulfill the Great Commission. This is comprised of people who pray consistently for the mission, give regularly (monthly or otherwise) to fulfill the vision, and/or take part in a hands-on way to train and equip the worldwide church.

2. Give toward a project. These may look similar to every other endeavor you see as you scroll through your Facebook feed, email, snail-mailbox, etc., however, this is what makes a Seven Soils project a Seven Soils project: 

So here's our project process:

  • Network with missionaries and other Believers to find Christians in the places which the Gospel has not gone.
  • Spend time developing relationships with Believers around the globe who are fulfilling the Great Commission.
  • Work with those Believers to discover ways to help get the Gospel out more effectively.
  • Develop a project that will help accomplish this goal.
  • Here's where you hear or read about the projects. 
  • You give toward the project

and then the best part of all

  • People around the globe hear the Gospel of Jesus and have that most privileged and awesome opportunity of a lifetime: the hearers respond to Jesus!

That very last step is the crux of the existence of Seven Soils. Jesus left us all with the responsibility to take the Gospel to all the world. You can be part of this greatest of commissions through Seven Soils. It's not complicated, but it is a sacrifice of your time, effort and/or finances. Commit to do your part.