Modern Mobilization

There is nothing new about mobilization. Where there is movement there is mobilization because mobilization is movement. Mobilization by definition is the action of a country or its government preparing and organizing its troops for active service; to mobilize is the action of making something movable or capable of movement. 

There has always existed a call of mobilization to the people of God. God mobilized Noah, Abraham, Joseph, Moses, David, the Prophets and disciples. The action of mobilization extends to God's people today. You and I are part of something prepared out of the beginning for mobilization: REDEMPTION. The need of man is evident in our decisions, mindset, pride, anger, words, relationships, integrity, superiority, bias, weakness, lack of genuine understanding and wisdom. There is a way that seems right to man; it looks good and sounds good but in the end deceives. We all need REDEMPTION. Redemption declares the Gospel; it is this Gospel that we have been entrusted to mobilize to all people, every nation, on every soil; in order to make disciples prepared and organized for active service, capable of movement, the movement of a disciple. 

What does modern mobilization look like? It looks like you and me. God designed the Gospel to move through the hearts and minds of man. WE are both the conduit and recipient. The world needs a great mobilization movement. The church needs a great mobilization movement. In this movement, man will find what he needs most, REDEMPTION!

There is nothing new about mobilization.  Tethered to mobilization is God's ancient strategy, well-worn preparedness, venerable purpose, and timeless global cooperation. 

There is nothing new about mobilization. So why do most not mobilize? The simple answer is lack of vision and passion. Those who receive encouragement and practical world-Christian discipleship will maintain vision and passion for the world. Both WW I and WW II hold experiences to teach us effective mobilization. 1917 found the United States unprepared to join the allies in World War I.  We had no army, no equipment, no stockpiles. Yet, the need of the world, the actions of Germany, the desperation of war, demanded action. By war's end the United States had a formidable army, a military presence, and a clear vision of peace. During WW II, only 10% went to the war and out of that only 1% were on the front lines. However, the entire country was mobilized to ensure success. Men and women were called to sacrifice. The outcome of WW II relied upon effective mobilization of the country. 

Mobilization of the gospel and  evangelization of this generation is similar to WW I and WW II mobilization. It is the greatest and most significant battlecry in our lifetime. Modern mobilization will recruit, train, and connect each believer to their most strategic and effective role in the great co-mission of going into the world.