What is this Mobilization you speak of?

Mobilization is the movement of God expanding His Kingdom around the world. What once was the mission field is becoming the mission force. 

For many decades Christian missions has been primarily done through "frontier missions", where a Christian is trained as a career missionary and sent to a far-away land to assimilate into a new culture. These missionaries would spend years, if not decades, learning the language, culture, and societal norms of the people they were trying to reach with the Gospel. After much effort these missionaries were sometimes able to establish enough credibility to witness the conversion of people to faith in Jesus. This also became the church-planting movement, where after several people became followers of Christ, a leader would begin to develop this body. Although the inefficiency of this can easily be recognized, God often works powerfully in a seemingly inefficient system. Thankfully He has: there are thousands upon thousands of Christians scattered around the world where these missionaries established their work. 

Now the next phase in the Great Commission is rising. These pockets of believers around the world are thriving under adversity, growing in depth, and spreading the love of Christ beyond the reach of the frontier missionaries. This is the Mobilization of the worldwide church. 

The mission of Seven Soils is to help train, equip, and resource this new force of missionaries around the world to reach their neighbors, friends, and family with the Gospel of Jesus. God has blessed many with Biblical training (think of the countless Bible studies, small groups, and teaching sermons in which you have partaken), with financial resources, and with a heart to encourage and equip other believers. Connect with Seven Soils to connect with the body of Christ around the world which is taking the Gospel to those who have not heard.

What an incredible God, and what an incredible plan. Be a part: Pray, Give, Go.


Want more info: http://www.albertmohler.com/2014/02/10/christian-missions-in-the-third-millennium-3/