T +1 Month-ish

If you're facsinated by space exploration you probably have listened to mission control call out over the intercom "T minus 30 seconds and counting." ....... "T Minus 20 seconds." ....... "10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Ignition, Liftoff" Woah, I kindof got carried away as I envisioned giant plumes of gasses exhaling from the bottom of the rocket followed by a massive fireball sending an important payload outside of the earth's atmosphere. Woah, I got carried away again. Sorry.

Here's the point: "T+" is the designation for the timeframe after the mission has begun. That's where Seven Soils is! We have launched!

So the work has begun in earnest. We are in the support-raising stage. Tammy & Jeff are meeting with people daily to spread the vision of Seven Soils as broadly and deeply as possible. There is a team assembling for the great work of the Gospel that is the heart of Seven Soils. 

If you haven't yet met with anyone from Seven Soils, or if you know someone who might be willing to Pray, Give or Go, send them to the website or have them contact Jeff at jeff@sevensoils.org.